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A C Services has been hitting the news in traditional newspapers and on-line through social media in its efforts to raise more money for Bristol Children’s Hospital through the Wallace and Gromit’s Grand Appeal.

For anyone Liking A C Services facebook page,  the company will contribute 50p to the fund. So the cost to those who like is nothing and up to £1,000 could be raised for the Hospital.

The Local Papers

‘’YATE company A C Services (Southern) Ltd is hoping Gromit spotters and social networkers will help them raise plenty of cash for charity.’’ The Gazette series. To read more

The main news supporter of Gromit Unleashed and founding sponsor is of course the Bristol Post, where on Friday 19th July,  our Dog Rose Gromit was the masthead. To see all the Gromits and follow the news see the Bristol Post.

The Trade Press

‘’Commercial combi ovens and animated TV series Wallace & Gromit don’t exactly go hand-in-hand, but they mean something to one catering equipment service company this summer.’’ Catering Insight.  To read more.

The Specialist Press

“Artists from around the world were invited to come up with a design using the theme “Gromit Unleashed”. As a botanical artist my idea came in a flash….  Assuming “unleashed” to mean free or wild, Gromit is a dog, and as an illustrator of plants…. Well it just had to be Rosa canina, the Dog Rose!!With this idea in my head the first sketches were completed before Christmas last year, and the fully detailed submissions were due by mid-January.

I was telephoned in mid-February to be told (prior to the short listing of artists) that my design was accepted and that they wished to deliver my sculpture as soon as possible because they wanted to make small figurines from the design once it was completed, so time was of the essence! I had been selected out of over 800 applications – this was now getting scary.”

Ros Franklin the Artist in Palette & Petal, Journal of the South West Society of Botanical Artists. To read more please contact the Society.

Helping Us to Help Bristol’s Children’s Hospital

We’d like to thank all these for sharing our news and helping us towards our £1,000 target.

Why not help us spread the news, so together we can raise more money for the Children’s Hospital- just like our Facebook page and share the link.

Published Date: 1st August 2013
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