Wales, the Last Great Hope

FA WalesAs this is being written, we are basking in another of the world of sports’ underdog story. The national football team of Wales (repeat WALES) has not only secured, but deservedly earned, a place in the semi-finals of Euro 2016.

The defeat of Belgium was a joy to watch from start to finish, even for those who see sporting events as an annoying interruption to their daily soap schedules.

The achievement has inspired a nation currently rocked and disorientated by political unrest. We left the EU; the youth are blaming the elders for wanting to ruin their lives; and it seems that all major political parties are now leaderless.

And to top it all, the English football team embarrassed itself beyond expectations by losing to the part-timers of Iceland, another of sport’s underdogs. We have all seen the cruel and savage but accurate jokes and comments on social media and drowned our sorrows. All in all, we haven’t had much to cheer about over the past month but now we have an opportunity to all share in Wales success.

Wales Go Down in History

Wales, the football team, has evolved quietly. 1876 saw the Wales national football team playing its first international match and since then, the team has struggled to find success at international level. Its only appearance in the World Cup happened in 1958.

Then along comes Chris Coleman and the country suddenly has a chief to believe in, a man who whatever happens tomorrow night, will forever go down in history as the leader of a team of unlikely and passionate heroes. A manager who in his own words has had more failures than success, but still believes you should not be “afraid to have dreams”.

And it’s not just our nation gripped by the story: the epic performances of Aaron Ramsey, Ashley Williams – the man who refused to go off even though his left arm was seemingly hanging on by a thread – and Gareth Bale at Euro 2016 have prompted Budweiser to offer every adult in Wales a free bottle of Bud!  According to the local press “so impressed has the brewing giant been by the march to the semi-finals of Chris Coleman’s team it wants to show their support ahead of the next big game by “raising a Bud” to Welsh football and the fans ‘who always believed’.”

The semi finalists are France, Germany and Portugal. Each national team has its patriotic supporters, but the rest of the world is rooting for Wales. The team is doing the United Kingdom and all true football and sporting fans proud and the players are being recognised as passionate, ambitious, incredibly professional and inspirational in their pursuit of the dream.

The question for all catering businesses is how they can think like Bud and take part in the dream from offering a simple Welsh rarebit menu special through to a full-blown event.

The message of support from all at AC Services (Southern) . . . we believe in helping others turn dreams into success!

Published Date: 5th July 2016
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